It’s A Small World – Seth Beecher’s Story

Seth Beecher

I met Seth Beecher during my first math class at QVCC. He was in pre-calculus with me, and I remember being slightly intimidated by his math skills. I knew he was an engineering major, but not much more until we ended up walking out of class together on a cold fall night. Somehow it came up that I was homeschooled, and that’s when he shared that he, too, had been homeschooled for 12 years.


Seth was homeschooled because his parents didn’t like the public school system or the influence it was having on his older sister. He loved having been homeschooled, because he had so much freedom with the curriculum. Seth told me that they didn’t stick with a specific time line – if something took him longer to understand they could take their time, and if he got something really fast they could move on. He had the ability to get up early and get all of his school work done, so he could have freedom to have his afternoons to himself. While he was homeschooled, Seth was also able to forge long lasting family ties that he is very thankful for. He has a good family relationship, and feels as though he can thank homeschooling for a lot of that. When I asked him if there was anything he disliked about having been homeschooled, he told me that he really liked it. He didn’t feel as though he missed out on anything other than school drama, but he’s glad that he managed to miss that part.


When Seth was homeschooled, he was active in a homeschool group that got together a lot, doing things like gym class, sailing, and even archery class. He also attended church every week, and got together with family members often. He had a group of friends that he played airsoft with every week, and even went to 4H camp several years in a row. He told me that he never had trouble findings friends – “I mean, I live out in the middle of nowhere, but I don’t live under a rock.


After high school, Seth started attending QVCC and felt very prepared entering the collegiate scene. He made a lot of friends and enjoyed learning from different professors. He likes to think that he was very knowledgeable prior to entering QVCC, but he knows that the school really did help him grow as a person. “As much as I’ll deny it, my mom says I actually have learned quite a bit. It changes the way you think, not so much how much you actually know, but the way you think.” Throughout the classes he took, Seth found the liberal arts classes easy, but that was simply because he was well prepared for the curriculum. These were classes that his peers would spend time complaining about writing papers for, but Seth didn’t mind. He did find the math and engineering classes very challenging, but succeeded in graduating QVCC within 3 years. He made the decision to take three years to get his Associate’s Degree because he wanted to have a life outside of school. While he was attending community college, Seth had an active life outside of school, doing anything from sailing to square dancing, engine work and hanging out with friends, as well as keeping a job.


These days you can find Seth on the UConn campus studying mechanical engineering. For a quick round of “It’s A Small World,” I actually ran into Seth on campus recently, as he was getting out of a class in the same classroom that I had a class in. Out of all the buildings, and classrooms, and seats (he was the only student I could see through the door) he could have been in – what are the odds?  Apparently QVCC alumni attract!

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